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ETL / Data Integration

Data Integration is the first step in implementing a BI Solution. Data from multiple sources needs to be available in the right place, in the right form and at the right time. Data needed for the solution will be a small sub set of data available in these multiple sources.

Data integration helps is moving data from source to destination. It also gives us an opportunity to touch data as it moves from place to place and system to system. We use this opportunity to check data integrity and data quality. We filter, cleanse, scrub, manipulate, etc. before loading it into the warehouse.

Sample Client ETL architectures.

At Vertizone, we have implemented several Data Integration solutions for our Clients word wide. We have extensively used Pentaho PDI and Talend for this purpose. We have worked in community and enterprise edition of these tools. Worked with repositories and file systems. Based on our vast experience in ETL, we have built ETL productivity tools that will help us in Rapid ETL development.