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Reports & Charts

Reports and Charts give you a clean graphical or Tabular view of data. This empowers users to move beyond manual reporting and drastically improves the time lines of information flow. They provide more powerful functionality on the web than a pivot table on a spreadsheet. With authentication built into reports, users will see only the data that they care about.

At Vertizone we have implemented several Reports, Charts, KPIs for our Clients. We have integrated Pentaho BI Server with GoogleMaps, FusionCharts, VisiFire, Protovis, etc, to deliver Reports and Charts which include but not limited to bar graphs, area graphs, line charts, pie charts, bullet charts, bubble charts, sparklines and trees.

For some of our Clients we have also automated timed delivery of these reports to key stake holders as PDF attachments in emails.

Sample Client report snapshots below